Wire EDM Machining Services

we provide the best wire cutting machining services in China. Our advanced equipment can create components with extremely high tolerances
Using our modern wire EDM equipment and a lean manufacturing process, we can build the most complex, delicate parts and geometries with guaranteed quality – whether you need a single prototype, a small-scale manufacturing run, or a large order consisting of tens of thousands of components.

The Wire EDM Cutting Process – How It Works

CNC Wire EDM stands for “Wire Electrical Discharge Machining.” This method of cutting is incredibly precise, and can be used to cut almost any electrically-conductive material. To accomplish cutting, a thin EDM wire is suspended between two mechanical guides. Then, it’s electrically charged, forming an electrode.
The material that is being cut – such as steel – forms the second electrode. When the edm metal cutting comes near the wire and the workpiece material, it creates sparks that cut the material way, leaving behind a negative imprint. During the cutting process, the workpiece and wire are submerged in deionized water, which allows the debris from cutting to be washed away.
The charged wire itself never actually contacts the material that is being cut, so wire cutting services material can be used to create extremely small, delicate components that require a level of precision that is impossible to accomplish with traditional CNC machining.

The Materials Used For Wire Cutting Machining

Wire cut EDM can be used to cut any electrically-conductive material. Even extremely hard steel alloys and other such materials that are difficult to mold or cut without first adding heat can be cut with electrical discharge machining
Some of the most common materials used with this method include:
EDM wire machining is perfect for cutting very costly materials like tungsten. Due to the high cost of these materials, precision is important for minimizing quality issues, and for minimizing wasted quantities of metal. EDM wire machining helps enhance cost-efficiency for these exotic metals.

The Advantages Of Wire EDM Machining

EDM cutting has some unique advantages that may make it a good choice for your project. Here are just a few of them.
No physical contact with the machine part:precision EDM machining can work on any hard, conductive material and it will not damage or compromise the finished product. Thermal issues are minimized, and there is less stress on the part, which minimizes distortion and risk of damage. This makes it ideal for fragile, delicate components.
Extremely precise: wire electrical discharge machining is widely considered to be the most precise manufacturing method in use today. Common tolerances for machined parts with EDM are around ± 0.0001”.

Highly-repeatable : Wire EDM can be used to create intricate parts over and over again, with the exact same accuracy and no decrease in part quality.

wire edm machining china
wire edm machining services
No further tooling required : There is no need for thermal treatments, or for further tooling to remove burrs or other imperfections, due to how precise and accurate wire EDM is.
Short lead times : EDM metal cutting does not require tooling to be swapped, reducing the amount of time it takes to set up a new project, and decreasing project overhead.
Reduced product waste : The precision of EDM machining services means less raw material is wasted, and there are fewer quality issues or components that are out of spec and must be discarded.
Useful for a variety of cuts : EDM machining is useful for cuts that are hard to produce with other methods, like long tapers, square-edged internal cuts, and extremely fine hole drilling.

Why Choose CNCNOW For Wire EDM Machining

Wondering why you should choose CNCNOW for wire EDM services in China? Here are just a few reasons.

Guaranteed quality

We use highly-precise wire EDM machines sourced from America and Europe, and our QA/QC team will perform comprehensive checks of all of your components to ensure that they meet your quality standards.

Additional CNC/machining

Beyond edm cutting services, we can also handle CNC milling and CNC turning. This allows you to bring all of your manufacturing projects to us, simplifying logistics, and reduce your overall costs.

Fast turnaround times

Wire EDM is a very fast production method, and we specialize in rapid turnaround times for time-sensitive projects. Whether you need to bring a new product to market quickly or just require a prototype to be built ASAP, we’re here to help.

We handle projects of all sizes

No job is too big or too small for CNCNOW. We work with companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large multinational conglomerates.

Ready to get started with wire EDM machining in China from CNCNOW? To learn more and get a quote for your project, simply contact us online. Our team of engineers and manufacturing professionals will work with you to learn more about your needs, and provide you with the manufacturing services you need.