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If you are looking for sheet metal fabrication factory in China, you can trust the team at CNCNOW to provide you with the services you need. From a single prototype or short production run to full-scale manufacturing, we have the custom metal fabrication tools and experience you need to ensure your project is a success.

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What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

As the name implies, sheet metal manufacturing is the process of creating metal components and parts with sheet metal. It involves cutting the sheet metal and then bending it to create different shapes. Sheet metal parts are also often welded together to create completed components.

Compared to CNC machining, custom sheet metal is more cost-effective when crafting metal parts that have a uniform wall thickness – such as the body of a vehicle, the fuselage of an airplane, or a long length of piping.
Typically, sheet metal is between 0.006 and 0.25 inches (0.0015 and 0.365 centimeters) thick, but thinner and thicker materials can be used, in some cases.

The Advantages Of custom metal fabrication

sheet metal manufacturing does have some advantages when used in the production of parts and components. Here are just a few of its benefits.

Scalable production – precision sheet metal can be used to create just a single prototype component, and it can just as easily be used to mass-produce tens of thousands of parts or components. It’s highly scalable, and offers consistent quality for finished components.
Cost-efficient – Compared to CNC machining, sheet metal custom fabrication is usually much less expensive for parts that require uniform wall thickness. This is because it requires less setup and the use of less complex equipment, and is much faster overall.
Extremely fast turnaround times – Often, finished parts made with precision sheet metal can be delivered in just a few days, so it’s ideal if you are on a tight production deadline or need a prototype to be made quickly.
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Broad range of materials available – Almost any sheet of metal can be used in sheet metal machining, so you can choose metal with the right ductility, corrosion resistance, durability and wear resistance for your job.

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Steel – Depending on the type of steel chosen, its properties can vary quite a bit. However, most steels are extremely durable and offer good corrosion and heat resistance, as well as durability against wear & tear. This material is very cost-efficient, and also is excellent for polishing. Commonly used alloys include stainless steel 301, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316/316L, and steel 1018.

Materials For Sheet Metal Fabrication

Many different metals are used aluminum and stainless steel. The proper metal for your job depends on the physical properties you need for your manufactured component. Some of the most frequently-used materials at CNCNOW include:

Aluminum – Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, widespread availability, low cost and beneficial properties like corrosion resistance, aluminum is the most highly sought-after material for rapid sheet metal. It also has high conductivity and low resistance, and generates very little waste during production, which helps keep costs down. We work with aluminum types including aluminum 5052 and aluminum 5083.

Copper – Copper is widely used in a variety of industries thanks to its electrical conductivity, top-notch heat conduction properties and malleable, ductile nature. We work with copper including copper 101 and copper C110, as well as copper 260 (brass)

The Sheet Metal Manufacturing Process

There are three basic steps to the metal sheet fabrication process, as follows.
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In addition, some components may require other steps like further machining and surface finishing to ensure they have the required mechanical properties.

Applications For Custom Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is ideal for a wide variety of different purposes. for example sheet metal box ,auto body, aircraft. However, the most common include:

Why Choose Our Sheet Metal Shop

Wondering why CNCNOW is the best partner for sheet metal fabrication services? Here are just a few of the reasons you should work with us.

Fast Quotes

We can take a look at your technical drawings and project requirements and provide you with a quote. If you like our offer, we can begin production in just a few days!

Large Capacity

Our advanced plant has a large lineup of the latest sheet metal fabrication tools, CNC equipment and much more. We always have ample capacity for projects of any size.

Guaranteed Results

Our certified QA/QC specialists inspect every part and component as well as raw materials, ensuring that you only get the highest-quality products and components

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