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CNCNOW specializes in providing custom, high quality, durable and on-demand injection molded parts and components for our esteemed customers.

we has been a leader in the injection molding China service industry for years and can provide integrated manufacturing solutions for all our customers.

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cost-effective plastic injection molding Parts

Injection molding is a cost-effective and efficient process for the mass production of different types and sizes of plastic components.

Our workflow encompasses the design, prototyping, mass production, assembly and fulfillment of our customer-specific injection molding requests.For a more effective work process, we use the best and advanced systems and tools available in the industry.

We do not believe in adopting a “one size fit all” approach to molding. Our molding process for each client is distinct and in line with their specific requests.

The Process Of Injection Molding.

Plastic Molds Manufacturing:

Plastic molds are steel hollow blocks that are filled with malleable plastic. The hot liquid plastic solidifies and sets inside the plastic mold, taking its distinct shape and pattern. Plastic molds are an essential component of the fabrication of plastic products. Without a plastic mold, the hot liquid plastic cannot have any definite shape or form

Plastic Injection Molding

Custom injection molding is a highly effective method for producing plastic parts and components. Plastic injection molding is simple, reliable and very efficient. These are some reasons why it is one of the most widely used methods of plastic fabrication.

Insert molding

Insert molding refers to a process in which molten plastic is allowed to bind to an insert pre-placed within a plastic mold. This process results in a single plastic component that contains a bonded insert. Incorporating inserts during plastic molding can help save production costs while improving product design and efficiency. The type of metal and plastic used for insert molding will depend on your product's specific requirements.

Over molding

Over molding is a two-step process used to create a single object, part or design from the combination of two or more separate materials. Over molding typically requires two materials: the substrate (such as plastic, metal, glass, etc) and over-mold (such as a thermoplastic or rubber). During the manufacturing process, the substrate is either fully or partially covered by the over-mold.

Materials For injection molding

Molding materials are a variety of substances used during plastic production to form the desired plastic component, part or entire product.
The process of selecting the right materials is an essential aspect of any product development, using plastic injection molding. These materials have a direct effect on the molding process and overall product performance. There are a lot of materials available in the market today and so it can be rather difficult for customers to select the best options.
We at cncnow are knowledgeable about the individual properties of different materials and can select the right materials that will result in optimum performance and functionality of the product to be developed.


Thermoplastics are lightweight materials that have high impact resistance and are easy to mold and shape when hot. There are two types of thermoplastics:
High-temperature thermoplastics include polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These are commonly used for fabricating bottles, pipes & plastic containers.
Engineering thermoplastics are flame retardant and can resist temperature extremes of up to 100°C. They contain the materials Nylon (Polyamide) and Polyesters.
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Thermosets are similar to thermoplastics with the exception that they remain in a permanent solid-form and cannot be remolded or changed after curing. Thermoset plastics contain polymers that cross-link during chemical curing to form an irreversible bond.
The common examples of thermoset plastic molding materials include polyurethane, phenolic, epoxy, and silicone


Elastomers are organic and synthetic polymers, well known for their extraordinary elastic properties. Elastomers are recyclable materials typically used to produce different products, components, and parts. The common examples of elastomers used in plastic molding are natural rubber and polyurethane

Tolerance and accuracy of injection molding.

Plastic materials typically expand and contract when subjected to hot and cold temperatures respectively.
Individual components need to be fabricated with the required tolerance that permits for optimal performance.
Tolerance is an acceptable variance in the dimensions of a manufactured product. It is an essential element that determines the uniformity to which a fabricated component fits perfectly into another.
At cncnow we will work closely with our customers to meet the tolerances of their desired products. Our focus is to ensure that they are getting exactly what they want
Our strict control of the molding process and in-depth understanding of different plastic types allow us to mold different components to very tight tolerances
At cncnow our plastic injection molding processes are in full compliance with required tolerance standards.

What is plastic injection molding.

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process in which high-grade plastic resin pellets are melted into liquid plastic and injected into a pre-designed plastic mold to form the desired plastic item, part or component.

Plastic injection molding applications.

Plastic injection molding is a common process used for the production of plastic components and parts in high volume. A wide variety of plastic products that vary in their size, design, and function can be produced using injection molded parts

Why Choose CNCNOW For Injection Molding

At cncnow, everyone works together as a single-tier to achieve a common goal of providing our customers with the best product possible. By working with us, you are guaranteed of receiving nothing but premium, fast, cost-effective plastic injection molding services.

Exceptional Service Delivery

We are fully ready and committed to delivering outstanding service from start to finish. Our team of dedicated injection molding specialists will closely monitor and control each step to reduce the likelihood of errors

High Precision

All our plastic mold personnel possess vast years of working experience in the field. They will ensure that the design and development of your specific plastic mold and final product are performed with a high degree of precision.

Fast Prototyping

We use state-of-the-art systems and methods for designing and producing quality molded prototypes within a very short period of time.Our team of molding specialists, familiar with a variety of materials will help you to select high-grade raw materials

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injection molding services china
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