Custom Jig and Fixture Machining China

One of the most essential aspects of mass-manufacture is time. Deadlines must be met; customers must be kept happy. Here at cncnow we are dedicated to machining high quality jigs and fixtures to keep you on schedule and your customers happy

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Jig & Fixture Manufacturer & Design in China

we pride ourselves on having the capability to create custom jigs and fixtures in practically any size. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensures that each of our custom jigs and fixtures exactly meets the demands that the customer expects of our products.

All our products are of the highest quality and go through stringent quality control and testing before being shipped.
We take maximum pride in the quality of our fixture and jigs, so that you can take the same pride in your own product. We understand the complexity of the production process and use this understanding to guarantee that our jigs and fixtures will make your production line as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Turnkey jig and fixture production services include:

Checking Fixtures

We are dedicated to ensuring each and everyone of our checking fixtures comes up to our customers high standards. To that end our checking fixtures procedures guarantee that every one of our jigs fits the task it was designed for with exact precision.
Our checking fixtures are manufactured to the highest possible standard and using the finest and most hard wearing of materials,ensuring a robust fixture that will be hard wearing and long lasting.
Checking Fixtures china
Welding Fixtures china

Welding Fixtures

At cncnow we produce welding fixtures of the highest possible quality and accuracy to ensure that each and everyone of your products comes of the production line exactly as you require.
By collaborating with our customers from an early stage, we ensure that all out products match their requirements perfectly.

Inspection Gauges/Fixtures

We produce Inspection gauges and fixtures that can be used to check the consistency of all your production parameters to incredible accuracy. Our gauges are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring that they are robust and durable.
We understand the rigors of the production process and build our gauges with only the finest and most hard wearing of materials.
Inspection Gauges china
assembly jigs china

Assembly Fixtures

Assembly jigs range from the very simple to the extremely complex. At cncnow we can undertake to build assembly fixtures from either end of that scale with accuracy, diligence and on schedule.
A good assembly jig will simplify your production process and guarantee that every one of your products will be consistent, easy to produce and cheaper to produce. We optimize all of our jigs to help you achieve this goal.

CNC Machining Fixtures

Our CNC design and manufacturing process uses the latest 3d technology and software to ensure that however complex the final product needs to be, high accuracy is always maintained.
Our CNC machines are right at the cutting edge of technology and when paired with our CAD software engineers can produce jigs and fixtures of incredible complexity, whilst maintaining the accuracy that the customer expects.
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The Benefits of Using Custom Jigs and Fixtures for Production

Good jig and fixturesare an essential part of many production processes. Not only can they eliminate many production problems, but it can eliminate them economically and when planned correctly with little or no impact on existing production processes.
When paired with new technology, custom jigs and fixtures are an example of how factories can help their workers achieve higher productivity, a better-quality product and a more streamlined output.
Your customer expects consistency in your product. We are here to design and implement the tools required for you to achieve both you and your customers requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Our dedicated teams of experts have years of experience and commitment behind them. Our goals are the exact same as your goals, we want our customers to have a happy and satisfying experience with as little disruption to existing procedures as possible.
We use state of the art equipment and only the finest materials to produce all our products, ensuring all our products will be robust and long-lasting and help you produce quality product time after time for years to come.
Our focus is on improvement, we are always looking at new and innovative products and technology to ensure that we are always at the top of our field and our engineers can provide exactly the solution your business requires.
we only have one goal, to make sure your product is exactly as your customer demands.
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