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Custom Dowel Pins Machining in China

Custom dowel pins are fastening devices used in precision assembly to locate and hold multiple parts. Custom dowel pins also help in locating guides for adjacent machine parts.

They can be inserted and removed numerous times because they do not have a head or threads.

Dowel pins are also used in alignment.

Also referred to as tooling pins, they come in a broad range of sizes and styles to suit different industrial needs.

They can also be customized according to various industrial requirements.

Custom dowel pins can be used in applications with oversized and undersized diameters and lengths.

They are also the ideal fastening tools for custom finishes and dual radius end.

Applications that have to meet specific industry standards like specific alloys also require dowel pins.

What are Dowel Pins Used For?

  • Since dowel Pins are strong and thick, they cannot easily break. This is why dowel pins are used to make strong and neat joints in wood. Dowel pins are also used to align joints.
  • Dowel pins are also used to make toys. For instance, the dowel pins can be used to make axles in a toy vehicle.
  • They are also used to make household items that are made of wood. For example, the dowel pins can be used to attach the legs of a chair. This provides self-support for furniture.
  • Since there are so many cake layers in wedding cakes, they need support to ensure they are steady. Dowel pins offer such support.
  • Gymnastics grips also need dowel to prevent blistering. Dowel pins rest between the gymnastic equipment and the fingers of the gymnast.
  • There are screw holes that may lose their thread. This causes the screws not to hold on to the screw holes. Dowel pins can be used in place of a screw that has lost its threads.
  • Dowel pins are also used for hanging items.
  • Apart from hanging items, dowel pins can also be used as pegs and utilized in a dowel joint to align two parts.

Common Types of Dowel Pins

Dowel pins are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They come in different styles and sizes to meet various industrial needs.

The following are the most common types of dowel pins:

Standard Dowel Pins

Standard dowel parts fit into the mating material smoothly. They are also known as slip-fit because they do not cause any friction during fastening.

Oversized Dowel Pins

These types of dowel pins are larger than the attaching holes. As a result, too much force will be required to fit them into the mating part, causing friction and heat.

Grooved Dowel Pins

Grooved dowel pins have a groove to fasten them to the mating part. These types of dowel tips are less commonly used.

Pull Dowel Pins

They have a threaded hole at one end to attach a screw for easy removal.

Spiral-groove Dowel Pins

These types of dowel pins are designed to generate friction and expand spaces for adhesives.

What Material are Dowel Pins Made From?

Different materials are used to make dowel pins. The following are the common materials used to make dowel pins:

Plastic Dowel Pins

These kinds of dowel pins are formed through the molding of plastic.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel dowel pins are ideal for applications that need strength, toughness, and low maintenance. However, they are not suitable for corrosive environments. Dowel pins made from steel can also rust quickly.

Alloy Steel

Dowel pins made from alloy steel offer more strength and wear resistance. However, alloy steel dowel pins lack ductility and toughness.


Dowel pins made from nylon have so much to offer. These types of dowel pins are resistant to chemical reactions. They also have electrical insulating properties and are lightweight. Nylon dowel pins do not need lubrication during installation.


Brass dowel pins are non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant. They are also soft.

Titanium Dowel Pins

Apart from being lightweight, titanium dowel pins are strong and heat-resistant.

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