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If you need CNC lathes services in China, CNCNOW is the best choice. We have a stellar reputation as one of the best CNC companies in the industry – and at our advanced manufacturing facility, we can handle projects of any size with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

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What Is CNC Turning? Understanding The Basics

CNC lathe uses a specialized CNC lathe or CNC turning machine. A cylindrical block of material is fixed onto a chuck, and then is loaded into the CNC machine.

Then, the CNC machine rotates a single-point cutting tool parallel to the block of material as it spins. This removes the desired material, shaping the block into a rod or cylinder to create the desired parts, as controlled by a CNC computer.
Typically, CNC machining is used to create cylindrical and single-axis parts like disks, shafts, and sleeves. However, it can be combined with our CNC milling services to create more complex shapes.

The Material Of precision turning

Like other CNC manufacturing processes, cnc turning parts can be used on a wide variety of materials. This includes:
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Metals and alloys

The most commonly-used alloys include steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, nickel and more. Titanium, magnesium, and copper are also commonly used in CNC turning.


Some types of PVC, acrylic, nylon, PTFE, polypropylene, and polycarbonate can be used in CNC turning
Almost any material that is strong enough to be held in a fixed position and maintains its shape under pressure can be used in our CNC turning machines. Contact us for more information.

Our Tolerances For CNC Turning

We offer the following standard tolerances for all CNC lathe services at CNCNOW.
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These are only our standard tolerances. We are capable of tolerances of within ± 0.020mm (.0008”). It also may be possible to offer some tighter tolerances depending on the technical drawings and the nature of your project.

CNC machining services Quality Assurance

At CNCNOW, we guarantee the highest quality for all of your CNC turned components and parts. How do we fulfill this promise? Here are just a few of the QA/QC steps we take to ensure the utmost product quality.
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Why Choose CNCNOW For CNC Turning

Wondering why you should choose CNCNOW for CNC turning services in China? There are a few reasons why we are the top manufacturing company for numerous worldwide corporate partners, including:

World-class equipment

We use the highest-quality CNC turning equipment, imported from Europe and America. This enables us to offer precise cuts, high throughput and reliable, high-quality manufactured products.

Certified to international standards

Our facility meets all relevant international production standards, including ISO 9001:20015, ISO 14001, and BS-OHSAS 18001, just to name a few.

Guaranteed quality

Thanks to our comprehensive CNC turning quality control process, we guarantee that your parts will be free of manufacturing errors and defects – you can trust us to deliver the best quality.

One-stop manufacturing

We also have other machining equipment. providing you with even more options for creating your parts. We are a one-stop-shop for every CNC manufacturing job –saves you time, money and headaches compared to working with multiple suppliers

World class equipment
Guaranteed quality

For these reasons – and quite a few more – we offer the best CNC machining services in China at CNCNOW. Contact us for more details, and to get a quote for your project. or you can check our cnc milling services, sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting services, wire edm machining