CNC Grinding Services In China

The purpose of CNC grinding is to make high precision parts. As the leading CNC grinding services providers, we pride ourselves on offering surface grinding and cylindrical grinding services. Our artisans are skilled to meet the high precise finish. Here is everything you should know about our CNC grinding surfaces
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CNC Grinding Services In China

What is Surface Grinding?

Surface grinding is an abrasive machining process. This finishing process relies on a rotating abrasive wheel to smoothen metals and non-metallic materials’ flat surfaces. The workpiece surfaces will get a refined look after impurities, and the oxide layer is removed. Surface grinders have two parts, a chuck and a rotatory table
The chuck is a work-holding device that holds the metal in place during the grinding process while the rotatory table turns the workpiece. Magnetic chucks are used to hold magnetic workpieces. On the other hand, non-magnetic workpieces are kept in place by vacuum or mechanical means.

We have the following types of surface grinders:

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Peripheral Surface Grinders

We use peripheral grinding on simple flat surfaces, angled surfaces, slots, flat surfaces next to shoulders, recessed surfaces, and profiles

Wheel-face Grinders

Apart from being a fast material remover, our wheel-face grinders can also be used for high-precision work. These grinders have a rotatory table with continuous or indexed rotations. This allows loading or unloading of one station while grinding operations are continuing on another station

Disc Grinders

Our disc grinders are available in both vertical and horizontal spindle types. These types of grinders are capable of achieving fine tolerances

When to use CNC Surface Grinding

CNC surface grinding services offer versatility, accuracy, and tight tolerances. However, most people do not know when they should use our CNC surface grinding services. Here is when to use our CNC surface grinding surfaces.
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For Versatility

CNC surface grinding is the best option for you if you need versatility. This grinding process can be performed on various materials, ranging from metallic, non-metallic, hard, and abrasive. You are not assured of such versatility when you turn to other options like planning or milling. Moreover, we have surface grinders that can handle materials of varying sizes. Our machines can also accommodate large grinding lengths and widths.

To Improve Accuracy

Our high-quality CNC grinding machines can grind to an accuracy of 0.0001 inches, guaranteeing accuracy. Moreover, they have integrated chucks that hold the workpieces in place during the process to ensure quality.

CNC Surface Grinding is Adaptable

Our surface grinders can be manual or automatic according to the need. This allows us to work on several grinding projects using the ideal machine
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Get Precise Finishes

Conventional surface grinding methods do not come close to the finish that our CNC surface grinders offer.

Typical Materials Compatible with CNC Surface

CNC grinding machines can cut through nearly every material that comes to your mind. Although our CNC grinding machines can handle a wide range of materials, the following materials are the most common:
cnc surface material

Why Choose Us for CNC-Precision-Grinding Services

Give us a call today for all your CNC precision grinding services. We offer a wide range of quick and quality CNC machining services, ranging from CNC turning, CNC milling to CNC grinding services. Here is why you should choose us for all your CNC-precision grinding needs:

We have skillful machine operators

Our machine operators have the skills and expertise to handle all your CNC-precision grinding needs. The skills and training enable them to ensure safety while providing quick turn-around

Good Customer Service

You will not have to worry about impersonal customer service when you work with us. We always do our best to keep our customers happy. We are always ready to help

Experienced Engineers

We work with the best to guarantee high-precision and quick turn-around to our customers,our experienced engineers will get back to you if the drawings have problem