At CNCNOW, we have the highest-quality cnc machining machines in China. If you are looking for guaranteed quality at reasonable prices, we’re here to help

Why you choose CNCNOW for your Custom Machining Parts

We specialize in working with companies of all sizes, rapid machining, cnc prototyping or production we use the latest CNC machines and quality control processes to ensure that your products are of the very best quality.
we can produce high complex and precision parts, for example parts in automotive, medical devices or aerospace, we have experienced engineers and high quality machines to produce what you need
Quality is our first priority, By using the latest process controls and production best practices, we are able to ensure full transparency throughout the entire manufacturing process,the whole process from the selection of raw materials to the production of our products We will never let a customer walk away without 100% satisfaction.

Fixtures&Jigs Machining

We are in Fixtures & Jigs Machining for many years. We don’t just manufacture parts, components and finished products. actually we are a professional fixtures and jigs manufacturer.
Fixtures&Jigs Machining

Why Choose Our CNC Services?

End-to-end support

From design to manufacturing and finishing, we do it all at CNCNOW – making it easier for you to bring your products to market more quickly.

Multiple CNC services available

Beyond fixtures, we also offer CNC machining and Assembly. That means we can handle parts of almost any complexity, all in a single facility.

Competitive pricing

Our goal is to be a market leader when it comes to value. That’s why we price our services reasonably, and work with you to save money